Four Construction offers custom new builds, design and construction, fit outs and renovations across two main areas:

Commercial Building

Are you looking for a new office building or perhaps a new retail outlet? What about a little renovation to renew the life of your business, or perhaps a quick and easy commercial fit out?

At Four Construction we offer a large range of commercial building services dedicated to high quality but with affordable prices. Whether you are a recent start up or have been in business for years we will craft the perfect finished product for you.

Our Commercial builders cater to everything from the design to the construction, from custom new builds to renovations to commercial fit outs.

In order to ensure our customers satisfaction we provide a six-month maintenance warranty on all our commercial builds. Not only this but we also take care of all those nitty-gritty town planning submissions, certifications and approvals to ensure your commercial build is both a simple and exciting experience.

Custom New Home Builds

Are you looking for a new Brisbane home?

At Four Construction, we offer completely new, custom home builds to your own individual tastes. We will work with you to achieve the best possible design, always within budget and on time. We offer detailed project management and support throughout, including help when picking the colour of your new rooms.

Four Construction will make building your new Brisbane home an affordable and easy experience.